Revive Your Shower Curtain to a Like-New Condition

Discover the Ultimate Hack to Make Your Shower Curtain Look Brand New Again!

Especially if you leave your shower curtain closed and folded in on itself, mold can quickly take hold. Anti-mold curtains are available in stores, but you may have noticed that they don't always work. Two tips are recommended: one for cleaning the curtain, and another for keeping it in impeccable condition for as long as possible.

Making Your Shower Curtain Sparkling Clean

Revive Your Shower Curtain to a Like-New Condition

To prevent mold and stains on your shower curtain, use white vinegar. In a large cup, pour 100 ml of white vinegar. Then, with a sponge soaked in this solution, scrub your curtain. Rinse thoroughly afterwards and the result is amazing!

Keeping Your Shower Curtain Immaculate

To keep your shower curtain looking fresh and mold-free, after cleaning it, remove it from the rod and soak it in a bathtub or a large container filled with heavily salted water for an hour. This will prevent mold from forming on the curtain for a considerable amount of time!