Unlocking the Secrets to Lowering Fever: Expert Tips and Strategies

Discover the Ultimate Fever-Reducing Hacks: Expert Insights Unveiled!

What is Fever?

Fever is a symptom that indicates your body's response to an underlying issue. By raising the body temperature, it signifies the immune system's attempt to combat the problem. As long as the fever remains below 39°C, there is no cause for concern, although regular monitoring is necessary to ensure it stays under control.

Tips to Reduce Fever

Unlocking the Secrets to Lowering Fever: Expert Tips and Strategies

It is strongly recommended (even if you don't feel thirsty) to drink plenty of water in this state, to avoid dehydration, even though it is not enough to lower the temperature. Also, but generally not a problem because hunger is absent, eat little, so as not to spend your body's energy on digestion.

Ice and Bath: Cooling Methods for Fever

In the past, it was common to place ice, enclosed in a bag, on the patient's forehead to help control their temperature. This was particularly effective for the brain, which is highly sensitive to temperature changes. Nowadays, we use cold water compresses not only on the forehead but also on the neck and face. Another method is to take baths with water that is 2°C lower than your body temperature. Although you may feel cold during the bath, you will likely feel much better and more energized once you are out of the water.

Ginger: A Natural Remedy for Various Conditions

To make a ginger infusion, add three slices of ginger to a large cup of very hot or boiling water and let it steep for 15 minutes. After straining the water, drink the liquid once it has cooled to a comfortable temperature. Repeat this process three times a day.

The Benefits of Propolis in Boosting Immunity

Bees create propolis to safeguard the hive from infections, using various plant materials and resinous substances. Pine and fir trees are particularly abundant sources of propolis. Consume it in moderation, following the instructions on the bottle.

Preparing for the Winter Season

It is recommended to consume royal jelly, which helps to boost your immune system, as winter approaches and also when you feel tired. Take the equivalent of a teaspoon every morning.