Why Video Inspection is Essential Before Chimney Sweeping

Discover the Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Chimney: The Importance of Video Inspection

If you have a fireplace as a heating system, it is important to properly maintain it every year. This includes conducting a thorough inspection to ensure effective cleaning. One method for this is using video inspection to examine the interior of the chimney before proceeding with the chimney sweep. By doing so, you can ensure that your heating system meets the required standards and regulations.

Why is a Video Inspection of the Chimney Duct Important?

Before performing chimney sweeping, it is essential to conduct a video inspection to facilitate the work. This process provides a detailed image of the inside of the chimney, making it easier to navigate during the cleaning process. Additionally, the inspection allows for checking the presence of natural ventilation in the flue.

Furthermore, the video inspection can also identify the presence of pipes within walls or underground, as well as determine if there is a single or double-wall lining. Typically, rigid materials are used for these types of heating systems. It is crucial to carry out this operation calmly and attentively to avoid any oversight. The results of the inspection will determine the appropriate cleaning method, which can be performed from either the roof or the fireplace.

How often should a video inspection be done?

Why Video Inspection is Essential Before Chimney Sweeping

An annual video inspection is recommended before conducting chimney sweeping to identify any debris accumulation or damages in the flue. This check should be done thoroughly to avoid any unexpected issues after maintenance. It is crucial to address and repair any anomalies to ensure proper functioning of the system during the winter season.

The intervention requires appropriate equipment

To properly inspect a chimney flue, it is crucial to have the right equipment. This includes using a rotating and pivoting color camera head, which ensures optimal control of the interior of the flue. Sufficient storage functions are also important for better documentation.

Additionally, a digital meter counter or locator should not be overlooked as it facilitates the processing of information. However, it is important to note that having good tools alone is not enough to guarantee the quality of the work. It is essential to seek the assistance of a professional chimney sweep like this craftsman in Calvados on this website to ensure a proper inspection. This will also prevent making poor decisions during heating maintenance.

How to Perform Video Inspection?

It is more advisable to insert the camera into the chimney from the roof of the house. This requires a better support and freedom of movement should not be limited. It is also important to check the proper functioning of the camcorder before using it to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Choosing a qualified chimney sweep will not pose any problem. In fact, the specialist can use a reel if necessary. In any case, he will leave nothing to chance, whether it's the areas to be cleaned or those that need repair.

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