How to Improve Digestion of Garlic: Tips and Tricks

Discover the Secret to Unlock the Full Digestive Power of Garlic!

Some people love garlic, while others don't. However, many individuals who enjoy eating garlic often struggle with digesting it. Let's first discuss how to store garlic for the longest possible time. One clever trick is to place the garlic cloves in a bottle of oil. This method will not alter the taste of the garlic, but it will infuse the oil with its aroma.

To avoid losing a significant portion of the garlic clove, a simple trick is to lay it on its side and flatten it using a knife blade. The skin will peel off effortlessly, leaving you with an easier process of peeling it, similar to peeling a banana. This technique is quick and straightforward, in contrast to the commonly used method of soaking the clove in boiling water to remove the skin.

Improving the Digestibility of Garlic

How to Improve Digestion of Garlic: Tips and Tricks

You or some people around you have already said "I have a hard time digesting garlic". In fact, few people digest it without problems. To avoid this, the grandmother's trick is to remove the germ from the garlic clove. To do this, cut it in half and remove its greenish core. This way, your breath will be less affected and digestion will be better.

Making Garlic Easier to Digest: Helpful Tips

There are other tricks to make garlic more digestible. This kitchen ingredient is beneficial for our health and also improves digestion. To prevent heartburn, a significant amount of garlic is often consumed. Here are some additional tips to make garlic easier to digest.

Removing the Garlic Clove Core

Before cooking garlic, it is recommended to remove the garlic clove's core. This is because the core has a tough inner filament that can be difficult to digest. To do this, you can cut the corner of the garlic clove in half and remove the filament on both sides.

- Soaking garlic in water

To ensure proper digestion and maximize the benefits of garlic in both recipes and health, it is recommended to soak the garlic clove in a cup of milk. Alternatively, soaking the garlic in hot water can expedite the process. This will help enhance the flavor when cooking with garlic.

Poached Garlic: A Delicious Culinary Delight

If you have trouble digesting garlic, you can try simple recipes like poached garlic. This cooking method is easy to prepare and can help improve digestion. Just peel the garlic and remove it from the dish before it is fully cooked for better digestion.

Blanched Garlic: A Clove Transformed

This is a trick used by top chefs. Although garlic boosts the immune system and prevents heartburn, there is also a simple cooking technique to make it more digestible. One can use the blanched garlic technique:

Place the cloves in a saucepan with water.
Bring the water to a boil.
Blanch the garlic for a few minutes.

- "Enhancing Your Recipes with the Aromatic Flavor of Garlic

To avoid heartburn and promote better digestion, it is important to infuse the dish with garlic flavor by removing the garlic core and letting it sit in the preparation for a few minutes. This will enhance the taste of the dish without causing any discomfort in the stomach.