The Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances for Every Home Chef

Unlock Your Culinary Potential with These Essential Kitchen Appliances!

If you enjoy cooking, you can make the preparation of your meals easier and create a variety of recipes using small kitchen appliances. Here are some of the top home appliances that can be used in your kitchen.

The Pastry Robot

The pastry robot is useful for making all kinds of cake batters, whether it's shortbread, pound cake, pastries, or even cupcakes. The main advantage of this type of robot is that it allows you to mix batters with fillings such as nuts and chocolate chips without blending them. The pastry robot also allows you to whip egg whites in large quantities, making it easy to create floating islands, macarons, and pie crusts. You can also use the pastry robot for kneading dough, particularly for making bread dough, brioche dough, and pizza dough. Websites like can help you determine the criteria to consider when making the right choice. Some models of pastry robots are very modern and versatile and can replace the function of other kitchen appliances such as graters, mincers, and laminators.

The kitchen scale is a highly useful household appliance in the kitchen. With its built-in bowl, it becomes incredibly convenient for measuring the quantity of flour, sugar, or other ingredients that you will be using in your dishes. To enhance its functionality further, it is recommended to opt for a kitchen scale with liquid conversion feature, which allows you to easily measure the quantity of milk or water.

The Multifunctional Food Processor

The Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances for Every Home Chef

A multifunctional robot, as its name suggests, is very practical as it allows you to perform various tasks in the kitchen, such as blending soups, grating carrots, chopping onions and garlic, beating eggs, kneading pastry dough, and more. When choosing a multifunctional robot, opt for a model with multiple speeds and a large capacity bowl to avoid having to repeat the process several times when making soup for many people. Additionally, don't forget to check for accessories that come with the robot, such as a recipe book, spatula, emulsion disc, citrus press, etc.

The Blender: An Essential Kitchen Appliance

If you don't yet own a multifunctional robot, you should have some practical kitchen appliances such as a blender. This appliance will easily allow you to make soups, smoothies, pancake batter, and more. When choosing a blender, pay attention to its speed and capacity. Ideally, opt for a model with a "pulse" option that allows you to quickly blend ingredients into crumbs. And if you need it for making cocktails, choose a model with an ice crushing option.

The Immersion Blender

This type of kitchen appliance allows you to prepare various dishes such as soup, puree, mayonnaise, compote, smoothie, tapenade, gazpacho... Some immersion blenders come with a chopper and whisk attachment, and there are also multifunction models available.